My Recipe for a Sales Page That Actually Converts

Let me guess, you’ve had your website launched for a couple months now and you’re wondering why you’re not getting more leads?

When you visit my Services page, it’s no coincidence that you see “Book Now” buttons all over, testimonials from past clients, and an opt-in form that leads to to my Pricing and Packages List. All of these elements are strategically placed on this page with the goal of converting visitors to customers.

I’m sharing a list of tried and tested ingredients that you can add to your sales or services page that will help you get more clients.

1. Concise List of Your Packages and Offers

Avoid large chunks of text, instead, use bulletpoints to keep your package lists short, succinct and easily digestable.

2. Clear, Directive CTAs

What action do you want your visitors to take before leaving your site? Maybe it’s to sign up for your new course? Book a Call? or Apply to work with you? Be strategic about where these CTAs are placed on the page. Make the buttons eye-catching and impossible to miss.

3. Include your Prices

Don’t waste your time communicating with potential clients who don’t have the budget for your services. Always include your prices somewhere on your sales page. Pro tip: keep this page hidden, where visitors must opt in to your email list in order to view your prices page. You’ll start building your email subscriber list quickly!

4. FAQ Section

Ease your potential clients’ hesitations by leaving no question unanswered.

5. Back Up Your Work With Testimonials from Past Clients

You want to gain trust in every visitor who is interested in your services. Include testimonials or Facebook reviews on your sales page to boost your credibility.

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December 5, 2020

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